Accreditation to Afisha Picnic


  1. Representatives of printed, web and electronic media can be accredited to the Picnic. Priority is given to: the media with federal coverage; authors of the most captivating and unorthodox features about the Picnic; and other media sharing the corresponding spirit and attitude.

  2. Your accreditation form should include: information about the publication (issue, date) or broadcast data (time, channel, frequency), including web link whereas appropriate.

  3. Accreditation to the Picnic can be granted only to one reporter (journalist, columnist) and one photographer (videographer) representing one media source (or one reporter from the radio station).

  4. Accreditation of the TV filming crew is to considered be individually. The maximum number of the TV filming crew representing one channel is 3 persons.

  5. Accreditation to the freelance photographers, bloggers writing under their name in fan communities and social media, authors of the standalone-blogs will not be granted.

  6. Accreditation closes two days before the Picnic. All additional information about your accreditation enquiry will be in given in our email reply.

  7. Afisha Picnic organizers might not comment on the reasons for refusal of the accreditation enquiry and might not carry any further correspondence regarding this issue.


Your accreditation enquiries to be send to the following email addresses: (Evgeniya Ivanova) and (Polina Kolesnikova).



Photo archives 

Pet Shop Boys
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Franz Ferdinand
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Little Boots
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The Drums
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Fuck Buttons
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Lauryn Hill
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Mos Def
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Theophilus London
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Vladi / Kasta
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The Melodies
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Stoned Boys
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The Retuses
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Messer Chups
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Jack Wood
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